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The Fuqing ports 
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Learned from relevant departments in the 13th, under the background of global shipping downturn, Fuqing Port route to achieve trend growth, South Africa has opened up a 2-wire, the Iranian lines as well as Southeast Asia line, a total of three new trade routes. It is understood that, in order to create a favorable customs clearance soft environment, and promote new routes running smoothly the Fuqing inspection and quarantine departments to do tonight on everything meet enterprise Kuaisutongguan demand. Customs clearance mechanism reform, the implementation of the "straight-through inspection", the Fuzhou area businesses "the three customs clearance", Fuzhou port of export cargo customs formalities, the implementation of paperless clearance Mode and centralized single trial convenient customs clearance measures, not only convenient enterprises, it also attracts the supply of the neighboring provinces and regions gathering to the Jiangyin Port. For large key enterprises, high-tech products, FAMP export enterprises, Fuqing inspection and quarantine departments to implement priority inspection, inspection and quarantine priority priority certificate is released, to speed up the on-site inspection, pumping, sampling and laboratory testing, in particular, to speed up the immigration scrap inspection and quarantine of frozen aquatic products, bulk resources goods and empty containers, shorten the cargo stranded in Hong Kong time, reduce the cost of business operations. At the same time, optimizing the ship and quarantine process, enhance Chuanjian business efficiency and standardized management level, for immigration to create a first-class enterprise, Inspection and Quarantine soft environment.