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Tianjin the World Alliance Roth logistics Co., Ltd. is a company incorporated in the Tianjin Development Zone, and international freight forwarding enterprise approved by the Ministry of Commerce. Company with modern management and security and quality of service since its inception, has won the trust of customers, has a certain reputation in the industry, is principally engaged in the operation of ships in the lease, the global airline cargo, ro-ro car exports, container import and export of goods and various modes of transport logistics business. Division I to fly to France, Maersk, North Eurasia, China Shipping, COSCO and other internationally renowned shipping company has a long term good cooperation and business agent addition we and Tianjin Port and rail transport-related enterprises also have good business cooperation relationship, based on these outstanding business partners together with our professional business operations team Division I for the various needs of customers to provide tailored logistics services.
With the development of the company's business volume rising, the types of technical Services have continued to increase, the company has offices in the Binhai New Area in Tianjin. To recruit Magi here for the community, love logistics industry, work enthusiasm to join our vibrant and cohesive community, we will provide you with a wider stage, give full play to your personal ability to achieve personal career ideal.
After hired positive, the company signed a labor contract, five insurance payments to pay for the workers, enjoy the national holiday and weekend working lunch, Tanggu companies provide shuttle.