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The Tianjin World Alliance Roth Logistics Limited (English name: GLOBAL LINK STAR LOGISTICS CO, LTD) is a professional logistics company providing comprehensive transportation services for trade export business. On the company's core business of automobile accessories export packing and logistics transportation business.
Shilian Roth since its inception, with modern management, security and quality of service, won the trust of customers. Also has a good reputation in the logistics market. Primarily engaged in operating ship leasing and shipping business and railway transport services, shipping business including: the mode of transport of the ro-ro transport, shipping containers and rail container logistics business; railway business mainly include: Tianjin to Russia and Asia transportation business. Shilian Roth also has a sound organizational structure, operating systems and related logistics professionals can provide a variety of quality services for the needs of different types of projects and different goods. Including: transportation program development, consulting; Port warehouse; warehouse packing, land transportation and customs clearance, commodity inspection operation and customs business consulting.
Customs clearance and inspection business: Company and Hebei Yanxing customs broker has a long-term good relations of cooperation, customs clearance dynamic real-time monitoring of goods; land transport business: SEIREN Roth the Hongan freight agent Limited and Haihe team more than large transportation services company's long-term co-operation, a total of more than 100 large-scale container car as I land transport security. According to customer demand for the rational design of transportation programs, unified deployment of capacity to provide all-weather quality and quantity of ground transportation services.