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Customs clearance and inspection business: Company and Hebei Yanxing customs broker has a long-term good relations of cooperation, dynamic real-time monitoring of the customs clearance of goods;
Land transport business: Shilian Roth Hung On Freight Forwarding Co., Ltd. and Haihe fleet and a number of large-scale transport services company long-term co-operation, a total of more than 100 large-scale container car as I land transport security. According to customer demand for the rational design of transportation programs, unified deployment of capacity to provide all-weather quality and quantity of ground transportation services.
In regard to shipping: SEIREN Roth long-term cooperation with the French CMA CGM, Maersk, North Eurasia, China Shipping, COSCO, Hanjin, MSC, Evergreen and other major global container shipping companies; ro-ro ships with Norway RINOL EUKOR, the TMT, Taiwan, Korea HYUNDAI GLOVIS number of internationally renowned professional shipping company has good long-term relationship of cooperation and business agent.
Rail transport: the the company with FESCO company, in iron multi Corporation China and Russia have good relations of cooperation with the profound friendship.
Above shipping and railway companies the advantages of the various routes and rail Shilian Roth carrier foreign trade companies to export goods transportation, provide choice to suit different requirements, to provide for the various needs of customers, "tailor do logistics services program.
Shilian Roth also has a sound organizational structure, operating systems and related logistics professionals can provide a variety of quality services for the needs of different types of projects and different goods. Including: transportation program development, consulting; Port warehouse; warehouse packing, land transportation and customs clearance, commodity inspection operation and customs business consulting.