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The market freight network in South Asia
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Cathay Pacific Airways has announced that the weekly class freight service to Colombo, Sri Lanka will be opened on December 2. The new cargo route will be extended Cathay Pacific cargo services in the South Asian market, also in Sri Lanka Shippers provide more choices, make it more flexible links Cathay Pacific Global freight network through the Hong Kong hub. Colombo freight routes on Sundays from Hong Kong to Chennai, the onward Colombo, and then return to Hong Kong. The route to the Boeing 747-400F freighter aircraft operations, can be a lot of clothing and fresh produce destined for North America, Europe and Asia markets. Cathay Pacific Director Cargo Nick Rhodes said, "Sri Lanka is a concentration of major apparel and footwear manufacturers, is a well-known brand in the world production of finished goods, the place also export a considerable amount of fresh produce, such as tuna and lobster. Cathay Pacific has been a daily passenger flight passenger aircraft belly tanks carry a lot of goods in and out of Colombo, the new cargo service will allow us to more effectively meet the global demand for Sri Lankan products. Cathay Pacific has been committed to expanding freight network, Zhengzhou and Hyderabad freight services have been offering this year. Cathay Pacific recently received eight Boeing 747-8F freighters, 2013 will have two days