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Northern coal port, or are transported idle
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In related news show, to improve coal transportation capacity in the next five years, the four main ports of Qinhuangdao, Caofeidian and Huanghua Port, Tianjin set off again built Port climax, after five years, the four-port coal transport capacity will total 900 million tons,double the transport capacity than at present.
Tangshan port side, before running an initial project of Caofeidian Port coal, designed transport capacity of 50 million tons, the construction of five coal berths, completed last year, 51.96 million tons of coal traffic has exceeded the pier design capabilities, is expected to be completed this year, coal volume of about 53 million tons. Just put into operation SDIC Caofeidian port coal a continued construction works, the design coal sewer capacity of 100 million tons. In addition, coal Phase II project is under construction in Caofeidian port design capacity of 50 million tons by the Hebei Port Group investment and construction, equipment installation currently doing finishing work will be put into operation in the beginning of next year. The follow-up to prepare the building Coal Terminal Huaneng, Huadian, the Beijing Railway Bureau, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, four 5,000-ton coal wharf. By 2017, Caofeidian port will have: Caofeidian port coal a start, Caofeidian port coal a continued construction of Caofeidian coal two Caofeidian Huadian, Cao Fei Dian Hua Neng Cao Fei Dian Meng Ji, Cao Fei Dian Beijing railway Ju and other seven 5000 tons The total transport capacity of 350 million tons. Of which 100 million tons, part of the National Investment Company, Hebei Port Group, 50 million tons, under the Huadian, Huaneng Mengji, Beijing Railway Bureau, 50 million tons each.