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Shilian Roth featuring service projects to export the car packing business, has many years of experience in the car export packing business, able to independently design different models of a variety of packing solutions, the Company packing business clients include: The Great Wallcars, BYD Auto, Jinbei Automotive auto companies, models include: car, SUV, pickup truck, light truck, bus and other vehicles. The company at the same time to carry out the business of car washing and warehousing services.
Shilian Roth long-term cooperation with Mullen packing business, professional packing business operator, to ensure the quality of the packing well. The warehouse at the same time with heavy machinery, air machines, forklifts and other multi-tone box and packing machinery, to ensure the smooth progress of the boxing business. Warehouse set in Hong Kong fleet, to ensure tune box and set in Hong Kong punctuality.
Yard area of ​​220,000 square meters, the business office of communications and computer networks, and also has four total area of ​​24,000 m2 full-featured warehouse to provide 30000TEU turnover, unpacking, storage, and business processing business.
Yard facilities, well-equipped and able to provide customers with field equipment, field unloading boxes, LCL, special cargo handling, warehousing, distribution, distribution, packaging, and processing, wooden pallet, wrapping film, freezer box refrigerated service provided commodity inspection, fumigation, cargo remanufactured professional venues; 24-hour working day, and to keep and maintain close contact with shipping companies, and timely information feedback, a comprehensive "one-stop" service.
Container loaded with a site area: 140,000 m2
Packing job site area: 50,000 m2
Area of ​​container repair: 5000 square meters with international box inspection division, team of more than 20 people in professional repair box division professional repair box