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GLOBAL LINK STAR LOGISTICS is currently involved in management of ship a total of 12 ships, ship of 30000 tons to 50000 tons of large opening multipurpose bulk ship.
GLOBAL LINK STAR LOGISTICS main ro-ro ship and regular bulk shipping routes include:
Chinese main port to the Middle East and the Persian Gulf region
Chinese main port to the Red Sea and the Mediterranean region
Chinese main port to the East South West Africa
Chinese main port to Southeast Asia
Chinese main port to the East and South West Coast
Major Chinese ports to the west coast of North America
GLOBAL LINK STAR LOGISTICS also launched the ship and dry bulk cargo business, rent or lease bulk vessel, in order to meet its own liner and regular cargo charter needs. The goods mainly steel, forest products, bulk cargo and other projects. Relying on its professional experience in shipping field for many years the traditional and accumulation, and service network all over the world, the management company is actively shipping, logistics industry and China on various business cooperation, including the opening to China ocean-going bulk cargo liner and nonsked ship transportation business, and bulk cargo transportation services in China's coastal and the Yangtze River. The company's own ship, and the ship or lease contract of affreightment or other contract of carriage service for Chinese consignor.